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PS3 Broken! I Need To Send To Sony. Please Read!?


My Playstation 3 is broken, and I need them to send me a box so they can fix. I called their number, and I CANNOT find the part where it’s like:

Press this for information on sending your box. There are options for your status on the box being sent, but not to actually send you a box. PLEASE HELP!

Their number is:1-800-345-7669

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  1. Try selecting customer service rep. Or technical assistance. As you navigate that menu select usually 0 to talk to a human. Sometimes, to talk to a human the selection is 9 or 0 or say agent.

    I haven’t had to contact them in 2 years but they had us talk to service tech first then they took our information to send us the box. We received the box within two business days and sent it back, then we received a working ps3 4 days after we sent it in.

  2. all you do is talk to someone and tell them you need the repair. Its almost 180 total to fix the ps3 so its better off just buying a new one.

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