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my xbox 360 wont read any of my discs. do you know how to fix this?


I know it is not a disc scratch or anything like that because it wont read any of my games.

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  1. Try this awesome Xbox repair guide with video instructions, you will be ready to play in < 1hr, guaranteed! I fixed oumine in 21 mins! [url is not allowed]

  2. Is it scratching your discs? Mine scratched my discs and I had to have it sent in.

    If the discs are scratched, having the finish ground down with a Disc Doctor will fix them. Some stores will do this for you for a dollar or two.

  3. Have you tryed puting new batteries. it helped for mine. if that does not work try blowing on it and wipe the place where u put the disk in. HOPE I HELPED!!.

  4. does it say its reading and then it says “Open Tray”?

    if so then thats exactly what happened to me a few days ago

    theres a few ways to fix and it wont work for sure and it voids your warranty because u gotta open the xbox, for me it didnt work. u can check on youtube though.

    if u want a legit way to fix it then just send it to Microsoft it would probably cost money though if your warranty is over

  5. You can try getting a dvd cleaner from Walmart probably.

    Or go to any game place and see if they can look into it.

    I go to GameForce if you have that in your area they do a

    good job

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