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My ps3 controller keeps blinking?


It just keeps blinking like a broken traffic light. It blinks until it turns off and when I turn it back on it still blinks.I have the assassin’s creed 3 bundle ps3(500 gb). It doesn’t matter how many times I press the reset button on the back and restart my ps3 or if it’s connected with the USB cord , it just won’t connect. My system is relatively new because I hardly use it even though I had it for 2 yrs. can I get some advice

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  1. is it fully charged? is it syned to your console? is your ps3 updated? if its not updated then it could be glitched and if you have not used it for a while and the controller has been dead for a while it will need to stay plugged in for a while to charge it before it will stay synched while not plugged in

    you can try resetting your ps3 to factory settings and then sync the controller using the usb cable , you cna try a different cable in case yours is broken or you can try restting the controller before you sync to the ps3

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