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Is there any advantage/disadvantage of LCD over Plasma HDTV if the TV is primarily used for Video games / PS3?


I have bought a Play Station 3 and contemplating to buy a Flat Panel TV. I have been told that LCD is preferable to Plasma HDTV.

Is there any truth to it and why.

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  1. well it would be lcd for me due to plasma getting hot display go for lcd you will get a longer life out of it!

    of course the picture quality is better on plasma but for me never again mine was 2 months old my plasma fell asleep and the next morning my plasma had left me a surprise the picture displayed all night well i had a game over printed on tv due to burned display i was told lcd dont do that just think of a pc staying on for days and the screen stays ok!

  2. Get an LCD, plasma TV’s have a tendency to get “burn in” when an image gets permanently burnt into your TV screen, though it’s not very common. LCD’s are the best of the two, though they sometimes have a missing pixel, but that’s not very common either. Just be sure to get a 720p or 1080p TV, 720i and 1080i aren’t near as good looking.

  3. plasma isn’t meant for gaming i heard it messes up the screen when i was in your shoes i went to every electronic store asking the same question just to ensure that i was getting the right deal and the information right the plasma screen will mess up if it you use it for your ps3 an lcd has a light bulb which gives you your picture so if for some odd reason your tv go out all you do is replace a bulb which cost 100 buck and replace it and your back in business.get an lcd tv i got a 42 inch for my ps3 and a 54 for movies and tv!:D

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