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Is it possible to use the phone socket to connect the xbox 360 to live in my home,or will i have to buy a wire?


well my xbox 360 is upstairs and my computer and modem is downstairs. since its near a phone socket can you connect the eternet cable to the xbox to the phone jacker and connect to the connection from the pc? or if that doesent work should i buy a wireless router to connect to my modem and get wireless connection?

help me guyz and reply.

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  1. You could but then you’d need another modem. You’d be better off getting the wireless router and hooking all your internet stuff(Computer, xbox, any other systems) to it. Wireless is awesome as long as noone is downloading on the computer when your playing online That seems to cause lag. At least with mine

  2. No. Ethernet cables are too large to fit into a phone jack. You can either run an indirect connection through a computer that has a wireless card, buy a router, or run a very long Ethernet cable from your 360 to your modem.

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