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If I don’t preorder the XBOX ONE is there still a good chance I could get it on release day?



  1. Reasons NOT to BUY a next-gen on Day ONE

    1. You’ll be paying full list

    2. The Servers will CRASH over and over for weeks. (because they always do.)

    3. Nobody will have any working Multi-Player servers for weeks.

    4. GTA V is going to be more fun.

    5. You’ll be helping the NSA/CIA get a peek into your daily life.

  2. wait til Summer 2014 so you won’t be a victim to red rings or server crashes or what ever issues that will happen on launch day.

    FUN FACTS: original xbox i.e. giant green x was a fire hazzard, xbox360 had overheating issues, M$ tv will have some problems on launch.

  3. They say that the amount of Xbox ones being shipped are 3-1 to the ps4, so there will be an abundant more xbox ones than ps4’s during that time, however, there is no guarantee you will get one. If youre planning on getting the Xbox One on release day anyways why not just pre-order it to ensure you will get it?

  4. Most likely not possible. As the Xbox One has been sold out already. So, the first month maybe they are selling it might be hard to find them,

  5. Not very. Like all console launch days there will be mile long lines so you’d most probably have to camp out & start a week or so in advance to have a shot of getting one.

    Not simply a matter of walking in, getting one, walking out.

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