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How to transfer data from PS3 FAT to PS3 slim?


Maybe you can post a link or a guide, im too tired to google stuff.

I have a PS3 80GIG that got effed so i bought a PS3 slim, how do i transfer my data? (Games saves, Game data, friends etc etc.)


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  1. The PS3 has a data transfer utility built into the software that allows you to transfer data from one system to another using an ethernet cable (the PS3 comes with one, I think). To do that, you need both PS3s on and connected to different video inputs (i.e. one on HDMI and the other using composite or something). and you simply go to the transfer utility on the XMB and designate which PS3 will be the transferring system and which will be receiving on each.

    If you can’t turn the old PS3 on, you won’t be able to use that method. Things like trophies and friends are stored on the PSN servers, so you won’t lose those no matter what PS3 you use as long as you can sign in. Data and saves are trickier. If you can get the hard drive out of the system and plug it in by putting it in an enclosure or something, then you could get them off there like any normal external hard drive, but some saves are copy protected and may not be copyable, in which case you’d need to use the transfer utility.

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