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How to play a PS3 in a car?


I know how to wire it, I just can not figure out how to get enough power to it through a cigarette lighter/wall outlet converter. How many watts will I need to transfer enough power or is there a better method to try?

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  2. You can use a mains inverter to power it. Choose one that’s capable of delivering at least twice the amount of power that a PS3 requires, to ensure a smooth power supply. One capable of several times the required power will be much better, and also useful for other purposes. Don’t even consider using a cheap caravan mains electric shaver inverter unless you want to cook your Playstation. Make sure that the inverter is properly connected to the 12V power supply – connecting it through a cigarette lighter socket is a bad idea because these make for bad connections.

  3. You don’t play a PS3 in a car its is not a portable device it is meant to be played on a big screen tv, the small monitors in a car would not do the PS3 any justice, just wait until the PSP2 comes out so you can play a device that is meant to be portable.

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