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How to get my music purchases on PSN onto my PC?


I pre-ordered the new PS3 game BEYOND: Two Souls, and it came with a PSN code for the soundtrack and a bunch of other goodies. I redeemed it on my Vita and it said I couldn’t download any of it (Even the soundtrack). I was wondering if there’s a way for my to download the soundtrack to my PC through PSN or my PS3?


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  1. The soundtrack is specifically made for the PS3. You aren’t downloading the music files in raw form, you’re downloading a compressed file.

    You’ll have to download it to your PS3. Then you will have to install it. Once installed, run the “game”, and it will automatically uncompress the music onto your PS3.

    Once you’re done, you can quit and delete the “game”. The music should be in your music section all organized.

    Also, you can copy the music from your PS3 to your PC wih a thumb drive, if you didn’t know.

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