Home Xbox Forum how much credit can i get for a 250gb xbox 360?

how much credit can i get for a 250gb xbox 360?


I am thinking about trading in my xbox 360 250gb slim for credit at game stop and was wondering how much I could get? I also have 2 wireless controllers, headset, remote and 3 games. I have:

Battlefield 4 used

GTA V used

Darksiders 2 new

I am also have a card for one free month xbox live gold


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  1. Hmm, well the value will vary depending on where you take, I would assume some places would allow you to put it against a Xbox One or PS4, but given the demand for those that is unlikely until demand cools. Also, with the next generation systems, the previous always loses about half its value. It is that reason why you need to sale before the release of the next generation.

  2. i think my friend said that with one controller they gave him ~$100 for his GOW xbox at gamestop. so for everything maybe $200ish?

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