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How much are my PS3 and games worth?


I am thinking about selling my Ps3 and games.

The Ps3 is the very first one and i am aware that these are pretty sought after.

It is spotless and works like new.

I have 2 controllers for the ps3 and these too work fine.

I also have 26 games for it.




Tom Clancy’s ghost recon advanced war fighter 2

Little big planet

Fallout 3

Uncharted: Drakes fortune

Uncharted 2 : among thieves

Assassins creed

Call Of Duty : Modern warfare 2

Call of duty : world at war

Resistance : Fall of man

Resistance 2


Shaun White snowboarding

Need For Speed Shift

Virtua Tennis 3


Lord of the rings conquest

Grand theft auto 4

Guitar hero world tour : with guitar

Green Day rockband

Genji : Days of the blade

Virtual fighter 5

Vancouver 2010

Medal of honour airborne


How much in UK £ do you think this lot is worth?

Thanks a lot


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  1. Why would you want to sell that collection? :O

    Lets say each game is worth around £10 thats £260

    Controllers (if dualshock 3s) are about £30 each so £60

    Controllers (if sixaxis, old ones) £15 each so £30

    PS3, you say the first one but there are two first ones (20gb and 60gb) 60gb being the more sought after but people tend to not know its better and want the newest thing, £200

    So £490-£520 =)

  2. $330 [ cant make the euro sign lol ]

    All the games you own are old and not worth much and are 10-30 dollars new in store.

    200 of that dollers is just the system, 20 is the gutair from gutair hero the rest is the games.

    Your stuff is not very worth much. Only expensive game you have is like uncharted 2. lol,

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