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How do I tell my dad to let me get a playstation vita?


I am 14 years old, and have 565 dollars (it is alot, I know). I want to save for a car in a couple of years, but I also want to spend a little bit of it. I decided I really want a ps vita. I have a 3ds that I dont play too often so I decided that I would sell that. When I brought this up to my dad he said that he doesn’t want me to get it cause he thinks it is a waste of money. He says that I am just going to get bored of it in a few weeks, which is not true! I have 50 dollars worth of best buy gift cards, so it would just be 200 dollars. I need my dad to understand that I am not going to get bored of it. I have told him that I have not gotten bored of my xbox 360 and I have had it for 6 years, but he still won’t budge. I really want it, and its not fair that my dad is not letting me spend my on money, that I have saved for over a year.

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  1. Your Dad just wants the best for you. As you said, you are saving up for a car. It might be a bit early but its good to make a start. A car is far important and at least will get you somewhere in life but your PS Vita doesn’t. I’m 13, I like playing games and I wanna buy all those technology stuff out there but I just have to learn to control myself because I know my Dad works very hard for that money and therefore I don’t wanna waste it so I’m saving up for my future.

  2. I know you dont want to hear this, but what you should do is make two different savings piles, one for the car and one for the vita. lets say you get 15 dollars as a gift, put 10 in the car pile 5 in the vita pile. keep doing this until you’ve saved up some more. by the time you have enough the price for the vita will have gone down and if you still want it than you can tell you dad, all the different stuff you can do on the vita that you can not do on your xbox, how some games are only made for the vita and not the xbox, and you can show him that you still have been putting most of your money away for a car but youve been saving a little of it for the vita. maybe when you show him this, he might be ok with it.

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