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Does the towel trick make your xbox worse?


I heard that the xbox 360 towel tricks makes it worse by burning the cd rom or something like that.Is it true?
So once you do it you can’t fix it?

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  1. Basically the Towel only overheats the 360 and overrides the chip inside. This could eventual wear down the chip and cause even more damage to the 360. Burning the CD Rom. I have never heard that before. I recommend getting a new 360. Look into the length of time you have had your 360, below 3 years, you can get a replacement from Microsoft.

  2. What the towel trick does is overheat your Xbox. This accomplishes nothing except compromising every chip and capacitor inside the Xbox. For an Xbox to get hot enough to melt it’s own solder it would have to be over 120C, which the chips shut down before they get within even 40C of that, so its totally useless. Don’t damage your console, go get it fixed.

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