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Connecting to Xbox Live. Ip address?


Hey I’m jsut wondering why my modem wont send my ip address to my router thats connected to my xbox 360. I can get perfect wireless internet on my laptop all around my house so the ip adress must be being sent, shouldnt it? anyway to make my modem send it to that router to?

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  1. I don’t think that you understand how a router works. The modem is gathering a public ip address and your router is passing out private ip addresses. The xbox will not receive a public ip unless your xbox is also a modem.

    Even your laptop doesn’t have a public ip address, it is getting a private from the router.

    If you are having trouble hard wiring your xbox to your router than there is something wrong with the router. You may need to get assistance with port forwarding on your router.

    Call up xbox and they will tell you. 1800-4MYXBOX

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