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can someone help me out with my ps3?


okay. i haven’t had it a year yet yet the warranty is off. that is messed up. but here’s the problem:

it was fine for a while and would do everything it was supposed to do. then out of the blue it stops loading games. it will play dvds, but it wont load ps3 games. i dont think it even KNOWS that a game is even in it. yet it recognizes if a ps2 game is in it and says it’s not compatable. but when i put in a ps3 game, it does NOTHING. it just sits there. then after a few mins, it sounds like it shifts the game inside to try and read it, but nothing ever happens. IT’S NOT THE GAME! i’ve tried several games. most of them new and just opened. like i said i haven’t had it a year. please help me. PLEASE! thanks gamers

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  1. Your ps3 is corrupted to solve this try holding the on indicator until you hear 3 beeps. a screen should come showing different options. if it doesn’t happen try gain.

  2. Probably a laser defect (it happens). It is fixable but the process is kinda lengthy. The best thing is to google it. The problem is the laser. You can get replacements from £20-50 on ebay and such and there are videos that show you how.

    Put an ordinary DVD in (not blu-ray), it should read this normally but not play blu-ray DVD’s and games.

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