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Can someone help me get the last of us saves for the ps3?


I had to reset my ps3 hard drive, so i lost allmy data

I was thinking, if someone got the TLOU data on a usb, put the usb on a computer,and emailed it to me andi put it on a usb and put it in my ps3 that would make my day.

Can any of you be kind enough to do this for me? My email is [email is not allowed]

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  1. You’ll have to restart the game. No save is going to work as it’s all different profile data. You must use your own save on your own profile for it to work, so you will have to start over.

  2. Afraid you’ll need to replay the game! In the future, make sure you back up all saved data! If you subscribe to Playstation Plus, you can back up your saves to Sony’s online storage service!

    Or you could buy a storage device i.e. ext HDD etc and back up saves that way but either way back up your saves!

  3. ps3 saves are user locked , you can’t use a save file from another ps3 or even the same ps3 and another user

    saves have been locked to the user since 2008 when ps3 got trophies so people can’t trade saves or just load saves for games they don’t even own and get the trophies

    another users save will give you a message saying this save cannot be loaded as it is owned by another user , if you overwrite your save or load the save it will not be usable and will lock the trophies

    nest time backup your data ( backup utility or psn plus could storage ) so if your ps3 has a problem you don’t lose the saves.

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