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about ip address and wireless xbox live connection?


every time i go on live i can play for about 20 minutes and it turns off randomly and if i go to my computer it says there is an ip address conflict can someone please tell me what is going on i want to join my xbox live experience could it be my connection or is someone hacking my wireless router.

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  1. Your computer and 360 may be using the same IP address. To avoid this, set your 360 and pc to ‘automatic’ for IP settings. They will get different IP addresses from the wireless router. If they are already set to automatic, then it is one of the following.

    1. some other device has a IP address that is set manually. (could be a DS, Wii, laptop, etc.)

    2. You need to increase the IP range on the router to give out more IP addresses so they don’t conflict.

    3. Someone else is connecting to your wireless network. Sneaky people will set an IP address on their computer so their computer is not listed in the DHCP clients table on your router, basically hiding them from being found. Change your wireless password.

    Best of luck!

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