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XBOX ONE X November 7th RELEASE DATE (E3 2017) Xbox One X Features And Specifications


XBOX ONE X November 7th RELEASE DATE (E3 2017) Xbox One X Features And Specifications


  1. I really like it but you have to buy xbox live, an extra controller, and a few games. All of that is at least 250 dollars. so it means that 600 plus 250 equal 850. that's too much in canada

  2. I can't stop laughing at people saying PS > XBOX or XBOX > PS, or PC > Consoles or whatever. This urge to belong to a single group instead of being able to say "what's good and wrong" in each system makes you all look like a bunch of braindead retardeds. All systems, consoles and platforms will ALWAYS have something which the others lack, and all of them will have something making them unique. This urge you all have to say your console if better just to justify the insane amount of money you spent on it only makes clear to people you have no personality whatsoever, all you want is to make yourself feel superior somehow by denigrating the other group so you don't feel like a fucking inferior idiot who put the money on the wrong end. This console looks dope, and I'm sure Sony's new console (if there's ever one and I'm sure there will be) will as well look sick, and when NVIDIA or AMD o whoever the fuck makes a new graphic card will be also awesome, and I'll just be happy as fuck seeying the videogame market is growing for everyone to participate instead of whining like a fucking kid about "how my machine is better than yours". Fuck, you guys make me sooo mad… deep breathing

  3. Is it a completely new console(for example I have to buy Xbox one x games) or is like a xbox one s but better?

  4. The xbox one x will come out on November 7th and it I is near my birthday! (birthday 29th November) so I can get the Xbox one x on my birthday even better!!!

  5. my parents pawned my plastation 4 and I wanted it back until I heard about this Xbox one x and Minecraft wasn't gonna be on the PS4 come together list

  6. I don't get it, if the Xbox One X is coming out on November 7, what is the point of pre ordering Forza Motorsport 7 when it comes out a month before the console even comes out. This is outrageous and foolish.

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