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xbox one or ps4?


I just got paid and i got the money to buy one.

I think the ps4 is pretty cool and i completely believe is way better than the xb1, im in love with the controller its just amazing but i heard it doesnt have that many exclusives so thats a problem.

The xbox one looks like a vcr box but i mean u can get a bundle for $50 less than the ps4 and its almost the same as a ps4 just a bit weaker. One reason i want to get a xb1 is because pretty much all my friends got a xbox and it gets pretty boring when u play by yourself on the playstation.

Which should i get and from where? I dont want to buy it to online because i dont have a credit card or paypal and dont feel like buying one to be honest.

Ive heard target gives u a $50 gift card if u buy a ps4

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  1. Try to get one that most of your friends have, most of my friends are PS4 owners and others are still on 360. Kinda lonely being the only one with a XONE.

  2. go for the PS4 if you like Dark Souls aka Blackborne and Uncharted. if you are more into shooters, XBONE is a bit better right now.

    I have neither, still on the PS3 everyday. but planning to buy a PS4 soon

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