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Xbox Live on a 4G connection?


I Unfourtunatly live out of reach of the DSL and other cable Internet providers. My only options are to get satellite (latency will kill any of the competitive games) or use a tethering device with AT&T (my iPhone 5 which has a 4G connection). Does anybody know which is the better option.

PS, I’ve looked into T1, DSL, satellite, T3, and Exede options. they are all either too expensive ($468 lowest T1 option) or have terrible reviews.

Any help is greatly appreciated. If you know of any other options I haven’t mentioned,feel free to explain.


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  1. 4g will work great cause i use 3g and im able to play bf3 without too many problems. we just got 4g here where i live but my currents device doesnt support it 🙁 and we also have crappy hughesnet lol and only game i can play on that is dead island.

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