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Xbox Live Avatar – Air Jordan V?



Does anyone know where I can get the Air Jordan trainers for my xbox live avatar? A friend of mine has some and I’d love a pair but I can’t find them anywhere.

I think they are related to the NBA 2K11 game but all I can find that relates to that game are jerseys.



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  1. With the answer above in mind ask your friend were he got them from If they were from the store and you can’t find them they are probably no longer available to buy

  2. If you can’t find them in the Avatar Marketplace then odds are its an Avatar Award which he unlocked by completing something in the game.

  3. I know that you used to be able to buy them when 2k11 was current but they might have taken them off the marketplace, and you can’t earn them through the game you can only buy them, and there is also a complete look a like to the fire red 4s that’s free in the normal avatar sneaker area, the only difference is the tongue is black instead of white.

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