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Xbox 360 games free roam?


what I want to find is games like fallout 3 fallout new Vegas the elder scrolls v Skyrim and oblivion the games with the freedom to just do what you want,, can anyone suggest any games out now or coming out I have played rage, borderlands 1-2, saints row 1-2-3-4- the elder scrolls iv oblivion and Skyrim, fallout 3 and fallout new Vegas just games with a lot f open world free roam rpg games I don’t really like the loo of dragon age either.

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  1. Check out:

    Prototype 1 & 2

    Crackdown (the first one – the 2nd one wasn’t as good)

    Batman: Arkham City (although better to play Arkham Assylum first, but not as free-roam)

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