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Why is my Xbox connection so bad lately?


Okay so I’ve been playing Xbox perfectly fine for a good 5 months, then until last week my connection has been HORRIBLE. Like most of the time it doesn’t let me sign in to Xbox live. When I do sign in i have to go into network setting and test my Xbox live connection. But even then it’s hard to connect. And when I do connect its very laggy.

I have an Xbox Slim with a wireless connection, when I check how my signal is on Xbox it says I have full bars. I don’t think it’s my connection because I use my wifi on my phone and laptop perfectly fine here in my room and its working as strong as ever. And its very laggy even when no one else is using the wifi. And for whatever reason the connection is the worst at night. Connecting an ethernet cable from my xbox to my router isnt an option. I have no idea, I’ve tried everything I could think of. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I have the same Xbox you do. I have also experienced the same problem you do. Usually what i do is shut off my xbox once or twice and it works fine after that. It hasn’t happened in about a month. That’s my solution. If you have anymore questions let me know.

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