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when i try to download something rated M on my xbox 360 it wont let me?


it says this account is not permitted to download stuff M rated. i’ve turned off the family settings and any other stuff like that.but if its the age i want to know how to change it. I need to know how to change it so i can download anything even M rated stuff

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  1. one thing you can do is go onto your computer and go to the e-mail account you setup your xbl account on and change your age settings to something over 21.

    or you can create a new account with fake info about ur age.

  2. Unfortunately, you can’t change it. Once you put in your real age, it will block you from accessing M-rated content if you are underage. It’s Microsoft’s way of doing what your parents should be. The only way around it is to make a brand new account and set the age to over 18.

  3. Undo the family settings.

    It should then let you download any content regardless of age restriction and your DOB

    I’ve done it

  4. I don’t have an xbox 360 so I’m kinda grasping at straws.but is there a profile you set up for your account that you put personal info into? Can you change it or was the account set up by your folks?

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