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What’s The BEST Xbox 360 Headset W/ Good Mic Quiality?


Hey guys, I’m looking for a good xbox 360 mic. I have tried the Astro A50’s and my friends said “It sounds like your talking through an old cellphone” It was all faint and anoying apparently. I’m looking for one around $200 or less. The thing is I want a *wireless headset*. With *rechargeable batteries*. My current turtle beaches are X12’s which have way to many cords. I’ve been checking out Turtle beach XP300s, XP400s, XP500s. But there has been complaints about the Mic quiality. Idk if Tritton has anything good to offer for what I’m looking for besides the Warheads, Which I heard were uncomfortable. If anyone knows of any mics fitting for what I’m looking for please let me know. Thanks alot!!

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  1. I had the exact same problem with the astros as well, moral of the story, you can never trust reviews, I also spilled $500 on the halo 4 tritton warheads and they were crazy uncomfortable and the mic could only hear me if i yelled at it. the problem with the turtlebeach wireless headsets is that they don’t give you anything to charge the batteries with so unless you have a battery charger your gonna have to buy new batteries every 2 days. If I’m wrong someone please show me an exception. anyway inall honesty there is no such thing as a good headset, after all the headsets I’ve bought the best one was the turtlebeach x11s wich were only about $50 but the amount of cables were ridiculous, but i tried going back to wired headsets and got the black ops 2 siearra (turtle beach) but that cuts out and sometimes the mic doesn’t even work at all. so i’m i’m sorry i don’t currently know any headsets to suggest to you but hopefuly this list of headsets will make sure you don’t waste your money on a bad one.

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