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What’s Inside Microsoft’s Xbox One Console


We’re joined again by iFixit’s Kyle Wiens for a thorough analysis of the components that make up Microsoft’s Xbox One game console. Kyle walks us through each piece, discussing opportunities for repair and swapping out parts.

Check out iFixit’s Xbox One teardown here: http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/Xbox+One+Teardown/19718

What's Inside Microsoft's Xbox One Console


  1. Can it be upgraded with an SSD? And please make a video how to do so, I think they mentioned software for it.

  2. "You got the fan… the heat goes up…." PC Heatsinks all sit on their sides you stupid fuck. This iFixit guy is an absolute twit

  3. I ripped my apart Xbox and cleaned it out and fixed the slow fan speed and reapplied thermal paste and it still overheats. what gives

  4. You mean CISC, not RISC. But pricing is much less favorable for the laptop drives over the desktop drives and they don't last as long either not to mention the capacity limits? Kyle's shirt is too small, this isn't the grunge era!

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