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what is the purpose of a hard drive for xbox 360?.will i need one?



  1. You just need one to play original xbox games. or for memory. you can buy a memory card to save games

  2. It lets you play XBX games on it.

    It lets you download demos, trailers, etc.

    It lets you save games.

  3. hard drives are used for the storage of games, music, downloaded trailers, levels, demos, player preferences, and community-created content from Xbox Live Marketplace; it may also be used to transfer such content between Xbox 360 units. It is required to play original Xbox games and a select number of Xbox 360 games. The total capacity of the Xbox 360 Hard Drive is either 20 GB or 120 GB. Of this amount, approximately 6 GB is reserved for system use. Approximately 4 GB of that portion is reserved for game title caching and other hard drive-specific elements in games that support the hard drive, and an additional 2 GB is reserved for use by the Xbox 360 backwards-compatibility software

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