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What are some good single-player ps3 games?


I cannot access internet where I live and was wondering if anyone could recommend some good single-player games for the ps3. I love the Uncharted and Infamous series so anything like that would be great as long as it does not require internet access at all. I’d prefer games that aren’t too dark as well.

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  1. My favorite are:

    tomb raider

    heavy rain

    Sims 3

    fallout 3

    resident evil code veronica hd

    GTA iv

    saints row 2

    btw, if you like uncharted, get tomb raider 2013. Despite what uncharted fans say the game is much, much better than any uncharted game. Which after all it should be, considering uncharted stole its formula from the tomb raider franchise in the first place.

  2. Some amazing single player games are:

    • Ratchet & Clank

    • Guitar Hero

    • Grand Theft Auto

    • Sly Cooper

    • Jack and Daxter

    (They do have a multiplayer option but it isn’t mandatory)

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