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What are some bad things about the PS3?


I am thinking about buying one and trying to find out if there is anything bad about it

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  1. I’d say the 2 main problems are the price, and it’s online community

    It really is pretty expensive

    And PSN is nowhere near as popular as Xbox Live

    Some people say it sucks, others say it’s better than Live, I think it varies from person to person.

    It works great for me.

    Other than that, it’s a good system

    This isn’t much of a problem anymore, but it’s gaming library isn’t that big, especially compared to the 360.

    But it has some great games like Resistance 2 or LBP, and more and more games are comming out.

  2. the only bad thing is that it costs a little too much. thats the only bad thing. there are no problems with the system and if there is one ( you have a.11% chance of that) then send it into sony for free and get it fixed! there isnt anything wrong with it! and now alot of the games have droped in price! good luck!

  3. there game selection sucks, and the online is horrible it might be free, but it sucks.

    The Blue Ray is great, and the graphics are great.

  4. i agree with the guy above but i think the ps3 is flawless except if you multitask horribly it will freeze but to fix it just dont super multitask

  5. well there really is nothing bad about it

    but when the console is bought by itself, it’s expensive (compared to the 360). that’s sort of a bad thing. but when it comes to features/accessories, the PS3 is way cheaper

    PS3 is everything you’d want it to be


    -Free Online

    -Games that can support more online players

    -more exclusives coming out in the future


    -Internet broswer

    -Comes with nearly everything


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