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[TTB] FIFA 16 Indepth Review! – The Pros and Cons


[TTB] FIFA 16 Indepth Review! - The Pros and Cons


  1. i give this game a 5/10 it needs so much work on the gameplay the passing is honestly shit in this game, the cpu is overpowered especially on last gen you can have 10 shots and all on target they have one and it's a goal, and the weird random bs like my goalkeeper got bumped by my player and fell right by the goal line and to get up he rolls into the goal and made me loose a game by a bs own goal and stuff like this happens so many times, or the fact how the every player can be messi like tell me why cpu lewandowski is able to dribble so well past every player it's honestly like he's programed to dribble passed you right as you make a challenge it's not only him but almost all cpu. And ik they tried to fix pace but they messed it up so much like I created a pro who i got up to 95 pace tell me why Sanchez from aston villa is with 60 something pace was able to run faster then me like come on it's BS. FIFA 17 needs to improve massively or fifa will literally die as a franchise

  2. FIFA 16 has been by far the worse gameplay ever out of all Fifa made. The fouls in this game is outrageous!! A slide tackle from the back to the legs are only a yellow? Really? This is the first Fifa game that I'd wish I never bought.

  3. In the end GAMEPLAY is the only thing that matters. Everything else is a bonus. They have it around the wong way. For me a 5. AVERAGE AS FUCK.

  4. I liked the Fifa series more, but this year I must say the AI is completely broken. If you play on World Class or on Legendary (as i usually did with other Fifa's), the AI will always cheat. Even when you play as Real or Barca against a 1 star team, the AI will cheat and have lots of possesion, make impossible passes and dribblings and your teammates will do dumb mistakes.
    Also, online, the both your players and the oppononent's players will get the ball on defence automatically in most situations. It makes defending feel a lot less rewarding.
    Don't buy the game, I regret that i bought it digitaly and I cannot sell it.

  5. FIFA or PES? I've played FIFA online 3 and I hate the handicap? Why FIFA have to put this handicap in a Ranking mode.
    FIFA is good, but this time I give PES 16 a chance, and I'm going back to PES. PES learn to change alot from FIFA

  6. I'll have you watch one of my games and see the difference with all the sliders on the highest level and on legendary

  7. The gameplay is light years better than PES YOUR NOT PLAYING TRUE FOOTBALL you need to be patient.

  8. the only thing FIFA gets right is online seasons. It has slower gameplay than ultimate team and is far more realistic. Carreer mode gameplay makes me cry, winning the league with Leicester on legendary season one is something that cannot happen.

  9. Players more alive? PES players walk like robots. their reactions are far worse than FIFA's. They throw both hands in the air and scream and thats it. You were far generous on PES and really harsh on FIFA. You pointed CONs on FIFA that PES STILL has. thumbs down bud.

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