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The Witcher 2 – Xbox 360 Gameplay


The Witcher 2 - Xbox 360 Gameplay


  1. i understand that but thats just how the whole pc and console thing works. someone in the comments said the 360 version was made from the ground up for the console. thats why it runs smoothly and thats why you cant get decent fps. all you can really do is invest in a better gpu

  2. The 360 only has 256mb of total SYSTEM memory and runs the game better than my quade core 3.8 ghz pc lol

  3. your card has 640 mb? i have a gtx 670 ftw 4gb… that probably why i get 60 frames. turn off depth of field and it should improve. before i turned dof off my frames went down during movies. now it rarely goes under 60 at all.

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