Home Xbox Forum some questions on xbox 360 elite 4 GB n all.?

some questions on xbox 360 elite 4 GB n all.?


1. i heard xbox 360 elite 4 GB hv GTX 7800 Graphic card. hence it lowers the graphics of the game. also game runs at lower graphics on this console. so game we see on TV is bit Blurr or not as good as as we see in trailer. is it true?

2. Does xbox 360 elite 4 GB supports HDMI cable?. does it help to see games at HD quality?

3. i want to spend around Rs. 18000 or $ 330. what should i do. upgrade my pc or buy xbox 360 elite. i think at this cost i will not get much more better pc.?. does any1 one have better configuration of pc at this cost?.

4. hows PS3. i know they have blu ray. how is the graphics of PS3. i heard its not as good as xbox 360

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  1. 1. It looks the same, i have the 250 and my friend has the 4. No difference.
    2. Yes.

    3. PC! Computer has way better graphics and it will last longer. But tbh, its a personal preference. I’m a xbox gamer but still play games like runescape and minecraft on pc.

    4. PS3 is better imo. i had a PS3 and i think they have better graphics. but xbox has better internet and you get everything sooner!
    Conclusion = Xbox 360 elite 4gb, Good. PC = Better.

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