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Sims bustin out for Play Station 2 (PS2)?


I have some questions about sims bustin out for PS2.

1. How to have a baby? On bustin out mode

2. Some good cheats and glitches (already have gnome fill all motives, unlock verything and free money)

3. People who you can marry on bustin out?

4. Any tips/hints for bustin out mode or freeplay modeee.

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  1. 1. Buy the heart bed. Then have the couple relax in the bed and then have them “fool around” as I would put it nicely. Then you should get the option eventually.

    2. and 4. Gamefaqs.com has some great codes and faqs.

    3. You can only marry created people. You cannot marry any of the people that already live in the houses and are apart of the story.

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