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Review: Q*Bert Rebooted (PlayStation 4, PS Vita, PS3)


Review: Q*Bert Rebooted (PlayStation 4, PS Vita, PS3)

My gameplay of Q*bert Rebooted For PS4, I hope you enjoy the Video.

Q*bert Rebooted Level 1 Gameplay (PS4)


  1. I never seemed to have had these direction problems. I never moved in the wrong direction & I'm also using a PS4. I mean the game's actually pretty cool Imo XD but I do agree with most of the things you pointed out. I wish they at least had an arcade type mode in the rebooted version rather than just story levels. That would have been pretty awesome. Also did you beat level 39?? Because it's so difficult & I'm stuck haha 😛

  2. A big shame that they messed up the controls in this game! What do you think of the other Q*bert reboot on the PS1 and Dreamcast, Cyril?
    This one is also on Steam, if anyone is interested for some reason

  3. I wasn't a big fan of the original Q-Bert. It was ok, but never held my attention for long as a child.

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