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Resident Evil Revisited


Since its debut in 1996, Resident Evil (RE) has been a phenomenon in the gaming world. Capcom must be very proud of what has become a world famous flagship product. From the initial release on the Sega Saturn the game has now sold over 40 million copies on a variety of gaming platforms including the PC, GameCube, PlayStation mobile, Wii, PS1, PS2 and PS3 and the Nintendo 64. However, like many continuing titles the various sequels have had a mixed reception from gamers.

Many players still claim that the initial release of RE was the best in the series. Certainly it was an atmospheric and innovative game in its day, but gaming has come a long way since that time.

RE 2 represents another high water mark in the games progression. This version was financially successful but received some mixed reviews. This is another gamers favourite edition.

RE 3 by contrast received almost complete rave reviews and top ratings, but was financially less successful than its predecessor. this is perhaps a release over which the reviewers got it wrong.

Resident Evil 4 was again well received and was true to the original ideas of the game. This version was highly touted as 2005 game of the year and won many awards. It is probably fair to say that it redefined two genres of games: third person shooters and survival horror games. A significant improvement the game brought to shooter generally is the importance of aiming. For example, in Resident Evil 4 shooting an enemy in the foot will cause them to stumble or at least slow down. Previously location of hits played no role in affecting a mobs movement.

In terms of financial success Resident Evil 5 was the triumph of the RE series. The reviews the product received were more moderate however. It is certainly true to say that a significant proportion of the fan base views RE 4 as the high water mark of the series. The main reason for this seems to be the view that this release was merely a re-working of the original game with little new or innovative content.

What few would disagree about however is that there certainly is a large and as yet untapped demand for a new version of the game – Resident Evil 6 is a hot topic on many gaming forums today. Unfortunately for fans of RE 5, the games lead developer Jun Takeuchi has stated that he does not intend to return to the Resident Evil series “until at least two Olympics have passed”. This leaves the field open for another game developer to step in and revisit what must surely be another successor in the Resident Evil series.

Resident Evil 3 [http://capesandcowls.info/116/game-reviews/resident-evil-3/] was a great game and so was RE 4, but as RE 5 received such a mixed reception will there ever be a Resident Evil 6 [http://capesandcowls.info/127/news/resident-evil-6/]?

Submitted On May 30, 2010Computer GamesResident Evil has long been a great success story in the history of video games, but despite its financial success Resident Evil 5 received mixed reviews. Will Capcom ever release a Resident Evil 6, or walk away while the game is still considered a…resident evil, pc games, horror games,

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