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Rainbow Six Siege – Before You Buy


Rainbow Six Siege - Before You Buy

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Multiplayer Gameplay #1 (PS4)


  1. I hated this game at first but once you get the hang of things plus playing with friends it really starts to shine.

  2. This game is so much better on PC because you don't really find competitive players on console and not many of them have a mic. Considering many play CS GO as well they might have a mic or know what team work means. Oh and aiming is better on PC of course. This game is too tactical for playing it with a controller.

  3. Make sure you guys check out my latest Siege videos because I play way different now than how I played in this video XD

  4. Hi I subbed please sub me I have a small channel would be appreciated your rainbow six siege vid is awesome keep up the good work I have ps4 rainbow sx siege so yeah I will only be playing on September because I am on holiday so yeah hit me up if you need anything

  5. Is this game still alive online? Still worth getting into or will it be just vets that will stomp any newbs?

  6. Hey, love your vid. I'm about to get the game and PS4 slim and I wanted to check it out before I do get the game. Thanks to you I love it and wondering if u want to add me?

  7. you should shout our clan out bro like all of us tbh bc we need our clan you get bigger and we cant without any notice lol

  8. This is first time getting a 100 likes on a video that you guys who stop by I really appreciate it 🙂

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