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PS3 plugged in with HDMI and blanked screen on TV?


Hi guys, i bought a generic hdmi cable for my ps3 and my. I tried holding down the ON/OFF button and my PS3 detected HDMI. I chose it and the screen went black for 30 Seconds( I went to my TV settings and chose HDMI). The screen is black with no sound and right bottom shows ‘1920 x 1080’ resolution. I tried this many times and it still wont work. So what is wrong, is it my TV or cable? If its the cable that is faulty, the ps3 would not have detected it. My TV is 32 inch HD ready with 1 HDMI port. It supports 480i/p , 576i/p , 720p, 1080i. My TV normal resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels. I hope someone can help me solve my problems.

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  1. Use your tv remote and it should have a ”hdmi” button, press the ”hdmi” button to ”hdmi 1” since ur PS3 is in hdmi port 1, then you should be able to see it.

  2. holding the on/off button for several seconds only resets the ps3 to factory settings.

    to set it up, plus the cables that came with the ps3. go to the cross bar menu and set it up for hdmi. you also need to change the output to 720p/1080i.

    also, if you have an older tv, it might not work with the ps3. for some reason, i have a sharp aquos that won’t work with hdmi. it works fine with component.

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