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PS3 messing up. PLEASE HELP!!?


ok.i was playing call of duty 4. online. and at the end of a game the scream just went black. wen i pressed the ps button the XMB still came up. i could send messages and things like normal. so i quit the game and it froze completely. then the ps3 ade two beeps and went blank. so i turned it off at the back and wen i switched it back on.it signed in like normal. but it didnt read disk. so i took disk out and wiped it etc i then read it. so i tried to start a game but now any disk i put in it just freezes. sometimes as soon as it starts other times just before a game starts. then my SIXAXIS wont connect without cable anymore. PLEASE HELP! WAT DO I DO? is it just overheating or wat?

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  1. mines don tthe exact same thing.it hass sumat 2 do with the latest update2.42.call sony customer care,they replaced mine thee next day.they r getting hundreds back with this prob.08705998877 is the numbr to call

  2. call the sony company from out of the play station book the number is 1 800-345-3669. they fixed my ps3.

  3. I had that with mine.

    If you go to the shop you got it from, they will give you a number to call.

    When you call the number, theyll ask you to turn it on, then hold your finger on the On button until it bleeps a couple of times, to reset it. (or it could be off)

    If this doesnt work. theyll send you another PS3 with no hassle.

    I was well impressed.

    I didnt even need my reciept.

    Just dont try and open it up!

  4. try holding the touch-power button for about 8 seconds. This returns the PS3 system to its default settings. Must be in Standby mode first to make it work.

    If it was overheating then the system would automatically switch itself off

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