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PS3 Controller question?


i bought a new silver DualShock 3 wireless controller and it came with a little USB looking thing but i dont want to have that plugged in all the time while using the controller, is there any way i can make it like my other controller that is just connected to the ps3 without anything actually in the PS3

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  1. no , unless it’s bluetooth you need a wireless signal through an infrared dongle — that’s what it connects to the ps3 with

    that’s what you get for buying a cheap 3rd party controller. I bet it doesn’t have rumble or support sixaxiss controls either so games like flower can’t be played with it.

    next time maybe buy a proper ds3.

  2. you need to sync the controller to your ps3. first connect the controller to the ps3 using the usb cable, then press the PS button to turn it on. after that you will be able to unplug it an use it wirelessly just like your other controller.

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