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PS2 games on the PS3?


Is there a way to tell which PS2 games will work on the PS3 without putting the disk in the console?

If a PS2 game doesnt work, is there a way to make it work?

(I’ve heard something about downloading a patch?)

Does anyone know if the PS2 game ‘Jak and Daxter: Precursor Legacy’ will work on PS3?

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  1. PS3 with 2 USB Ports = Not Compatible with the PS1/PS2 Game(s).

    PS3 with the 4 USB Ports = Compatible with the PS1/PS2 Game(s) but not ALL PS2 game(s) can be played through the PS3.

  2. Sony has a website that lets you check the compatibility status

    Hardware Emulation: (launch 20GB/60GB models)

    Works fine.

    Software Emulation: (80GB model CECHE01)

    At a specific point during gameplay, the title performs at a significantly slower than normal performance speed.

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