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PS2 Action Replay Max And Xploder Compatibility.?


I have a Black Playstation 2 Slim -version 70003- and i want to know if anybody knows which versions of Action Replay Max Or Xploder fully work with my 70003 Version slim ps2. I have tried Action Replay V2, but this would not function properly, it would freeze up and never show the menu.

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  1. If you are using a slim model and getting the error message ‘`Please insert a PlayStation or PlayStation 2 format disc`, this is not uncommon; these consoles can require around 2-5 restarts before the disc will load. Once you’ve overcome this loading stage, a black screen is displayed for around 30 seconds while the disc is loading.

    If you’re not using one of the new slimline consoles, I would suggest trying to start with the console in the upright position and with the disc already inserted, both of which can help the console read the disc. If you’re still experiencing problems loading the disc, we suggest trying a laser cleaning kit, which should resolve the problem.

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