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PlayStation 4 Announcement Live Stream (Replay)


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PlayStation 4 Announcement Live Stream (Replay)


  1. 4 years on and still no PS1 and PS2 support and no app updates such as Facebook. Instagram ect

  2. the only thing people seem to comment about is how this compares to xbox…basically youtube is taken hostage by teenagers.

  3. Wow, its already been 4 years since the launch of the PS4, feel like it was only one year ago

  4. I was amazed to see the graphics of Watchdogs and Deepdown in this PS4 Announcement…wish Watchdogs were like that and Deepdown released 🙁

  5. In 2013 Sony was Consumer Friendly and now in 2017 Sony has become Corporate Friendly 🙁 PS4 to PS4 Pro 🙁

  6. I had a ps4 from launch and I didn't feel it, sold it got an xbox 1 and I love it, I will get a ps4 for gt sport though

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