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playing PS3 in HDTV.?


i am trying to play my ps3 on my hdtv, however it wont work with anything but standard resolution on my ps3 settings. what do i need to play my ps3 in a higher reselution?

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  1. You need to get either component cables or HDMI cables. If you don’t have one or the other, you can’t play PS3 games in HD.

    You also need to go to the cross bar menu and choose the type of cables you’re using, and what resolution output you want.

    To save some money, if you have the component cables for the PS2, just unplug it and plug it into the PS3. It’s interchangeable between the PS2 and PS3.

  2. Composite cable if your TV is 720p max. HDMI cable if your TV has 1080i, or better yet 1080p. Then go to display settings the PS3 menu and switch it over to the highest setting, I reccomend either 720p or 1080p, avoid 1080i as is is not too good for gaming.

  3. Depends on how your are connecting your PS3 to your TV. You need to use a HDMI cable to carry the HD signal. Standard composit connections (yellow/red/white) cannot carry a HD signal. Component connections (Green/Blue/Red) carry the HD video and then you’d have to use an audio cable too.

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