Home Xbox Forum Not receiving my halo 4 gold debate armor.?

Not receiving my halo 4 gold debate armor.?


Ok so i watched all 4 of the debates not just for 30 minutes but for the whole thing and still haven’t received my email code, but i have recently changed emails before the last debate. so i read of people doing this and they checked the span on their old email and got it well i did that on both emails and nothing. how should i do this ask for a new code or wait it out. how do i get a new code if i need one please help. for best answer.

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  1. I would say wait it out, the only way to ask a question to the xbox live rewards program is on the forums or on twitter, they usually respond within pretty quick, but they’ll tell you the same thing: to wait. On the FAQ portion there was a question regarding the gold armor (it’s no longer there) and it said all gold armor would be distributed by the 15th if I remember correctly. So just wait it out check your email(s) and you’ll get it don’t worry.

    I got mine and I only saw 3 debates and joined the rewards program on the 7th of last month. So you’ll definitely get it.

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