Home Videos Nerd³ News – 4th June 2017 – RIP PS3

Nerd³ News – 4th June 2017 – RIP PS3


Nerd³ News - 4th June 2017 - RIP PS3


  1. SOMEBODY, PLEASE HELP ME!!!! So I have a PS3 and when i put the disk in it doesnt show up but when I shake it to the back it reads it and i can play it but i have to do this everytime i turn on my ps3 or i try to put another game in. So i looked up some videos to fix it and i thought the laser wasnt working so i opened it cleaned the laser and the same problem was happening.I think its the disk tray and when the disk goes in it gets stuck on something and i have to shake it to make it go all the way in. Does anybody think if its what i said or something else. ANYTHING WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!!

  2. "Take-Two has bought KSP"

    Well fucking rip KSP mods, then. Wait, didn't you say you were starting with the good news?

  3. I think there's something wrong with your computer, rime plays just fine on my laptop from 2006.

  4. so is there actually no gat 5 single player dlc to be made? :O i missed this news.. damn 🙁

  5. Wait, so, microtransactions in single. So, "You can solve the mystery!! For 20$, or you'll only be able to get 99% of the story complete"? Becasue if so, WHO WOULD DO THAT?!?! Like buy it and stuff. Little extra stuff, sure. DLC, sure. Like Arma 3 DLC, Tanoa, not my favorite fact that I had t pay money to buy the game and the map, but eh. Everything I already had still worked, for the most part…. Anyway, the original question. Pay to complete the story?

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