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My PS3 stops on loading screens of PS3 games.?


As of late my PS3 has been experiencing a strange problem: at random times it will stop loading information from the disk. This leads to it doing things like stopping on loading screens, or not loading further information in the middle of gameplay. (For example, it will stop loading objects from my popit in Little Big Planet, it gets stuck on loading screens in Soul Calibur IV, and it often stays on the black screen after each session of MAG.)

I can open the PS3 menu by pressing the button in the middle of the controller when this problem occurs, but if I try to turn it off or quit the game, the PS3 makes a few rapid beeping sounds (as though turned off improperly) and then goes completely black, no longer responding to anything. The only way to turn it off at this point is to flip the switch on the back of the console.

My PS3 runs PS1 and PS2 games, as well as non-disk games, without any problems. The loading problem ONLY occurs while trying to load information from PS3 games formatted on blu-ray disks. This leads me to believe that the problem is in the hardware used for reading blu-ray disks (which is the format used primarily for PS3 games). However I felt I should seek further confirmation.

I don’t own any movies on blu-ray, so I don’t what would happen if I put one in. DVDs read fine.

Is there any flaw in my assumption that the problem is the blu-ray reader, or are there any other plausible causes I should take into consideration?

If it makes any difference, my darling machine is a 60gig model.

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  1. Honestly if you haven’t tried a disc cleaner you should. I have that same problem on my ps2 except its hard to play cd’s and cd roms. But everytime I clean it it works for a fewdays. Ijust clean it everytime i use it to be sure.

    But I did find this link that may help with your problem. Good Luck!

    [url is not allowed]
    Hope it helps.

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