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mx vs. atv untamed review


mx vs. atv untamed review


  1. I can play this game for a long time and not get bored. Also with more settings it makes it just right.

  2. if you actually rode dirtbikes or raced you would know a lil bit about this game but you dont so this review is shit lol and you dont feel like your moving fast??! go to a track and go 50 you will wreck your shit and break your damn legs

  3. What is wrong with 10 difficulties? These turds obviously have not played a game where one level is too easy but the next is too hard!!! Better to have too many than too few you fucking retard

  4. Dude these guys are fucking goons u probably never even ridden a dirt bike u fat ass and stop bagging on a game that Is badass and I would say hAs the best tracks out of alive and reflex but these guys have no life just fucking hating a game they don't know shit about

  5. Ye well what im really pissed about is how stupid the bots are and how fucking impossible the last event of x cross tournament is … Best placing for me in it is 2nd … fucking impossible

  6. You guys were too unfair to this game. Too many options? really? I loved the amount of options, it lets you play the game your way and adds alot of content. First person shooter fan boys like this guy should not review racing games.

  7. have these idiots even ridden a real dirt bike…probably not they are too busy sitting in front of a game… not wanting to have fun as they may brake a bone… i ride, sure i got a knee reconstruction because of riding but at least i had a go and are not afraid to get hurt sometimes

  8. Okay I agree with one thing…… The Online gameplay SUCKS! people looks so fucking glitch, and one moment you see a ride on one side of the track, then it shows him on the other side outside the track, but yet on his screen he's going straight……. GAY, same with Reflex online.

  9. Dude This Is The Best Mx Vs ATV Game Ever Man This Game Is The Bom He Doesn't Like It Because Probably Sucks At It

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