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Just Bought A PS3 Have Some Q’s?


I just bought a PS3 and I have a few questions.

There seems to be no games that I really want to buy.any recommendations?

I’m excited for GTA 4 but i heard it got delayed till like next year summer is that true?

How can I play online?

I pre-ordered Guitar Hero 3 for Wii but now i got a ps3 i’m thinking about canceling my order and pre-ordering for ps3. what are some things i can do for GH3 for ps3 that i can’t do on the Wii?

Thank you so much in advance.

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  1. Ratchet and Clank:Tools of Destruction comes out tomorrow, and the series have been consistently good and this title is getting some pretty good reviews.

    Yes, you heard correctly, GTA 4 has been delayed until 2008, sometime in the Feb-April timeframe.

    The thing that the Wii version can do that the PS3 version can’t is thanks to the Wii remote being able to be inserted into the guitar controller, it’ll have rumble and the speaker can be used to emit an effect when a wrong note is played. Also, the Wii version is $10 cheaper than the PS3.

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    The only advantage that I can think of is the download content the PS3 version might have over the Wii version, but I don’t know too much about the download content in general.

  2. wii blows for guitar hero, definitly get it though for ps3 but you need anrother game like ncaa 08 which is mazing or nhl 08 or the best shootor coming out in november CALL OF DUTY 4 MODERN WARFARE and the live is free so it will be a mzing

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