Home Xbox Forum i have a xbox 360 live question? please help?

i have a xbox 360 live question? please help?


ok i bought a little one month gold card a month ago and now its out! its already cut me off of xbox live so how do i put on another 1 month card on? every time i go to “join xbox live” it says that im not connected to xbox live and I ALREADY NEW THAT if i go on the xbox 360 dashboard and go to redeem code it says the same so please help

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  1. OH! Xbox live is down today, Tuesday. They are doing updates. I forgot about that! You won’t be able to get on even if you do enter a new code. Oops

  2. Xbox live is undergoing maintenance right now. Your membership might not even be expired. No one can get on until tomorrow.

  3. I can give you a little help. Are you connected to the ethernet or wireless to a router? If so you cant connect to Xbox live and you cant go live if you have no interent. As for setting it up you will have to ask someone else im not good with that.

  4. Look at the XBox section here on Yahoo! Answers. Every other question is “IS XBOX LIVE DOWN” and “WHY ISNT LIVE CONNECTING” etc. etc.

    The service is down right now. It is not you.

  5. I think you can redeem on the website too.

    [url is not allowed]

    maybe it’ll work from there.

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