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How to report a modder on Xbox live?


He was obviously modding, he was alive in the water while moving, he was on a sheep and did a few other things. How can I get him banned? It was in red dead redemption. I know his gamertag. I even have photo proof.
Modders ruin the game. Is tag is RazedByTheDevil
Update 2:
He had some other mod too, where he shot me and I couldn’t move after getting shot. I didn’t die.

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  1. You can report him on xbox,or just call Microsoft and tell them about it so that they can ban him permanently.

  2. Fyi as you can tell by my name I’ve been modding a while.I’ve had several accounts and know the limits of modding that Microsoft allows. A person doing cosmetic mods on a game as old as red dead they will not even bother with.you can go to his profile and report cheating but trust me the likely hood of him getting banned because he had a sheep in red dead are at 0.01% chances.just putting in my 2 cents

  3. What’s the problem? Why do you have to report him just for modding? If he’s not bothering you than why complain?

  4. Go to his gamertag page and report him. You can’t call them for this sort of thing.

    If he gets reported enough he will get investigated and banned.

  5. agreed online modding at least ruins the game for everyone else.and usually gives you an idea of their actual playing skills without the mods,lol

    But yeah all you can do is report him.usually it only works if A LOT of people do, say like a party or whole team or something

  6. Sheep-riding water walkers ruin gaming, I agree :'(

    I can grasp why you would want to get some infinite health jackass insta-killing people and sending trash talk banned, but it sounds like this guy is modding for the amusement of himself and others, so why do you want him banned?

  7. all you can do is “file a complaint” under his profile. if you call microsoft they will laugh at you and tell you to file a complaint. they really only investigate people if they are sexually harassing you or sending dirty pics.

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